Sentence Examples with the word figuratively

And though passages of the first class must no doubt be explained figuratively - for Philo would not assert the existence of two Divine agents - it remains true that the two conceptions cannot be fused.

Apiarium or apiary, a beehouse or hive, is used figuratively by old writers for a place of industry, e.g.

STAR, the general term for the luminous bodies seen in the heavens; used also by analogy for star-shaped ornaments (see Medal; Orders and Decorations) or other objects, and figuratively for persons of conspicuous brilliance.

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It is thus used figuratively of the lowest depth of a person's spirits or the lowest point in a career.

About the same time (1747) he finally left the Anglican communion for the Baptist, leaving the church literally as well as figuratively by quitting it as the clergyman began to read the Athanasian creed.

Her thoughts jangled in her head, some desperate for him to continue, others claiming she couldn't go home if she started down this path, and still others saying she was screwed either way, figuratively and literally.

Of scrupus, a rough stone, figuratively uneasiness of mind, probably to be connected with the root skar, to cut, cf.

Neophyte is figuratively bound.