Sentence Examples with the word fifty-five

Cassini, the great comet of 1680 after its perihelion passage; and having returned to England, he married in 1682 Mary, daughter of Mr Tooke, auditor of the exchequer, with whom he lived harmoniously for fifty-five years.

He was augur for fifty-five years and wrote a work on the science of divination.

With this horn he hunted the first pack of foxhounds then in England fifty-five years.

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Mormon migration passed along the trail in 1847-1849, and in 1853 fifty-five Mormons settled on Green river at the trading post of James Bridger, which they purchased and named Fort Supply.

When these points are compared with the Lollard Conclusions of 1395, it is plain that Lollardy had not greatly altered its opinions after fifty-five years of persecution.

That amount, if melted, would form a cube fifty-five feet on each side.