Sentence Examples with the word fifty

Frankie Lloyd Cummings was a fifty year old drifter who killed teenage runaways.

But all this is quite different with a South Sea Sperm Whaler; which in a voyage of four years perhaps, after completely filling her hold with oil, does not, perhaps, consume fifty days in the business of boiling out; and in the state that it is casked, the oil is nearly scentless.

There were no railroads at that time, and Exeter was nearly fifty miles away.

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They had climbed about fifty feet.

She has a hundred and fifty years on him, and she just turned him.

The last civil war set us back fifty years.

He said that if his life were lengthened he would give fifty years to the study of the Yi, and might then be without great faults.

But even if we assume that fifty years ago Alexander I was mistaken in his view of what was good for the people, we must inevitably assume that the historian who judges Alexander will also after the lapse of some time turn out to be mistaken in his view of what is good for humanity.

Again, after the fall of Delhi, Hodson obtained from General Wilson permission to ride out with fifty horsemen to Humayun's tomb, 6 m.

Now, though such great bodies are at times encountered, yet, as must have been seen, even at the present day, small detached bands are occasionally observed, embracing from twenty to fifty individuals each.