Sentence Examples with the word fife

Among the chief buildings are the town hall, county buildings, corn exchange, Fife and Kinross asylum, Duncan Institute, Adamson Institute (a holiday home for poor children from Leith), cottage hospital, Union Street Hall and the Bell-Baxter school.

In 1902 he became assistant secretary of the Fife and Kinross Miners' Association, and in 1908 its general secretary.

East Neuk is a term applied more particularly to the country round Fife Ness, and more generally to all of the peninsula.

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Middleton, with Archbishop Sharp, misgoverned the country, established a high court of commission, exiled the fiercest preachers to Holland, whence they worked endless mischief by agitation and a war of pamphlets; irritated the Covenanting shires, Fife and the south-west, by quartering troops on them to exact fines for Nonconformity, and so caused, during a war with Holland, the Pentland Rising (November 1666).

The breakdown of the watershed between the Firths of Clyde and Forth exposes southern Perthshire, the counties of Clackmannan and Kinross, and nearly the whole of Fife to the clouds and rains of the west, and their climates are consequently wetter than those of any others of the eastern slopes of the country.

Having explored the coasts of Fife and Forfar, he gained a decisive victory over the Caledonians under Galgacus at the Graupian hill (see Britain, Roman).

The place derived its name from its use by the earls of Fife as a ferry to the opposite shore of Haddington, 8 m.

The counties in which the manufacture is now most largely carried on are Forfar, Perth, Fife and Aberdeen, but Renfrew, Lanark, Edinburgh and Ayr are also extensively associated with it.

After being minister of Ceres in Fife for three years, in 1566 he set out for Paris as tutor to the eldest son of Sir James Macgill, the clerk-general.

The house, together with that portion of the park immediately surrounding it (about 140 acres), was presented to the towns of Banff and Macduff by the duke of Fife in November 1906.