Sentence Examples with the word field

Virginia at the moment presented a clear field to the British, and they overran the state as far north as Fredericksburg and west to Charlottesville.

The leading chiefs of the Ten Years' War took the field again - Maximo Gomez, Antonio Maceo, Jose Marti, Calixto Garcia and others.

But he removed a horde of fraudulent contractors, kept the armies in the field well equipped, and infused energy into procrastinating generals.

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Natal colonists were not merely the first in the field with the transport traffic to the new goldfields; they became some of the earliest proprietors of mines, and for several years many of the largest mining companies had their chief offices at Pietermaritzburg or Durban.

Guns, and a few boat and field guns as secondary armament.

Hare hunting is essentially a quiet amusement; no hallooing at hounds nor whip-cracking should be permitted; nor should the field make any noise when a hare is found, for, being a timid animal, she might be headed into the hounds' mouths.

We planted crops in the field you walked across and a few others down the road.

There remains open a wide field for inquiry as to the precise relations between selection and variation on the one hand, and their products, specific differences and adaptive structures, but the advance of knowledge has supplied no alternative to the Darwinian principles.

Accordingly the Pensees have always been a favourite exploring ground, not to say a favourite field of battle, to persons who take an interest in their problems. Speaking generally, their tendency is towards the combating of scepticism by a deeper scepticism, or, as Pascal himself calls it, Pyrrhonism, which occasionally goes the length of denying the possibility of any natural theology.

Owing to the intelligent patronage of this company, and the impetus given to the ceramic trade by its enterprise, the style of the Tokyo etsuke was much improved and the field of their industry extended.