Sentence Examples with the word fickle

He had a natural affability, but too general to be much valued, and he was fickle and deceitful.

But he quarrelled with the fickle king, and adhered crc long to the party of opposition.

He is naturally influenced to some extent in what he says by his poor opinion of Bethmann Hollweg's capacities and by his own thorough knowledge of the Emperor's fickle and impetuous character.

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The god of the Canaanite city was Baal-Berith: his temple was destroyed when Abimelech quelled the rising of his fickle subjects (Jud.

The inhabitants were turbulent, fickle and notoriously dissolute.

The woman he married would have to pattern her life to the fickle fate of politics.

With the help of some of the barons he drove Joanna and her second husband, Louis of Taranto, from the kingdom, and murdered Charles of Durazzo; but as Pope Clement refused to recognize his claims he went back to Hungary in 1348, and the fickle barons recalled Joanna, who returned and carried on desultory warfare with the partisans of Louis of Hungary.

The reason for this deficiency is perhaps the unsettled conditions of Rumanian life, and the lack of a profound and longestablished civilization; or it may be found in the unstable and fickle character of the people.

He was an enthusiastic, but a fickle and ambitious demagogue, and he achieved a better reputation as a writer.

The Others were mortal enemies of the Watchers, whose more lenient approach on good and evil made them fickle allies for the White God.