Sentence Examples with the word feudatory

In 1905 the district of Sambalpur, together with the five feudatory states, was transferred to Bengal.

BASTAR, a feudatory state of British India, in the Chattisgarh division of the Central Provinces; area, 13,062 sq.

In 1901 the population of the two remaining feudatory states was 125,281, Raigarh having 86,543 and Sarangarh 38,738.

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When, ex ruler of Tabriz, and one of Jenghiz Khan's lieutenants, the Seljukian Empire was at the point of dissolution, most of its feudatory vassals helped rather than hindered its downfall in the hope of retaining their fiefs as independent sovereigns.

Bastar is divided into two portions - that held by the Raja or chief himself, and that possessed by feudatory chiefs under him.

When, at the end of 1661, a more stable administration was set up with Michael Apaffy (1661-1690) as prince, Transylvania had descended to the rank of a feudatory of the Turkish empire.

The count was about to pass into the feudatory stage.

Meanwhile the ancient state of Lavo (Lopburi), with its capital at Sano (Sornau or Shahr-i-nao), at one time feudatory to Swankalok-Sukhotai, remained the last stronghold of the Khmer, although even here' the race was much modified by Lao-Tai blood; but presently Sano also was attacked, and its fall completed the ascendancy of the Siamese (Thai) throughout the country.

Lord Dalhousie's dealings with the feudatory states of India, though actuated by the highest motives, seem now to have proceeded upon mistaken lines.

BAMRA, a feudatory state of India, in the province of Bengal.