Sentence Examples with the word fetter

Taking up his abode in Fetter Lane, London, on his return, and continuing to reside there for the sake of intellectual society, even after renewing his old ties with the earl of Devonshire, who lived in the country till the Restoration,4 he worked so steadily as to be printing the De corpore in the year 1654.

Subsequently he held charges at Coventry (1784-1803) and at Fetter Lane, London (1803-1832).

Several of his former colleagues declined to join him, on the ground of their absolute hostility to the policy of Home Rule; others joined on the express understanding that they were only pledged to consider the policy, and did not fetter their further liberty of action.

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Thus he describes the body (which, after Epicurus, he calls the flesh) as a mere husk or fetter or prison of the soul; with its departure begins the soul's true life.

Grave disorders had arisen in the society at Fetter Lane, and on the 25th of July 1740 Wesley withdrew from it.

On New Year's Day, 1739, the Wesleys, Whitefield and other friends had a Love Feast at Fetter Lane.

That was probably help in the Fetter Lane Society, for Wesley then had no preaching place of his own.

Although the light thrown upon ancient conditions of life and thought has destroyed much that sometimes seems vital for the Old Testament, it has brought into relief a more permanent and indisputable appreciation of its significance, and it is gradually dispelling that pseudo-scientific literalism which would fetter the greatest of ancient Oriental writings with an insistence upon the verity of historical facts.

About the 25th of September it moved to Fetter Lane.