Sentence Examples with the word fetish

The bulk of the inhabitants are fetish worshippers.

The essential feature of this cult is the bringing down of the celestial spirit by proper incantations and ritual into these fetish objects, the dove perched on a column sometimes indicating its descent.

The Fetish religions afford examples of such constraint or invitation.

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Similar prohibitions are common in Africa, where fetish priests are often reduced to a diet of herbs and roots.

Almost every temple had its fetish stone on a level with the pumice stone, which is the Poseidon of the Mangaians.

A remarkable shrine with fetish idols was also discovered.

All these tribes are fetish worshippers, though Christian and Moslem missionaries have made numerous converts.

It is only after a certain grade of culture has been attained that the belief in luck appears; the fetish is essentially a mascot or object carried for luck.

Threatening or beating a fetish cannot be brought under the head of magic, even if we adopt Frazer's principle (op. cit.

These fetish objects of worship were meteoric stones, which were dedicated to the gods or revered as symbols of the gods themselves (Pliny, Nat.