Sentence Examples with the word fetch

Now then, thought I, unconsciously rolling up the sleeves of my frock, here goes for a cool, collected dive at death and destruction, and the devil fetch the hindmost.

This process produces the so-called Auslese wines, which frequently fetch as much as 30s.

Then I see he's no good and think I'll go and fetch a likelier one.

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Run for God's sake, and fetch something to pry open the door--the axe!--the axe! he's had a stroke; depend upon it!--and so saying I was unmethodically rushing up stairs again empty-handed, when Mrs. Hussey interposed the mustard-pot and vinegar-cruet, and the entire castor of her countenance.

The vineyards of these two properties are tended with extraordinary care, and the wines, of which several qualities are made in each case, fetch exceedingly high prices.

The devil fetch ye, ye ragamuffin rapscallions; ye are all asleep.

I'll fetch some next time I am in town.

I promised to keep still while she went to the house to fetch it.

Money not only became less scarce but it became cheaper, so that the couple of pence for which a day of manual work was bought off in the beginning of the 13th century did not fetch more than half of their former value at its end.

Some of them keep small shops, and all fetch water, make fuel, and cook for their households.