Sentence Examples with the word festuca

Some species, such as Poa stricta, are known only in this viviparous condition; others, like our British species Festuca ovina, and Poa alpina, become viviparous under the special climatic. conditions.

These are: Festuca pulchella, Carex microstyla, Salix caesia, Rumex nivalis, Alsine aretioides, Aquilegia alpina, Thlaspi rotundifolium, Saxifraga Seguieri, S.

Mountain and valley alike are carpeted with soft grass, various species of Festuca predominating.

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Several species of the north temperate zone, such as Poa nemoralis, P. pratensis, Festuca ovina, F.

In the north and west the Stipa of the Russian steppes supersedes Festuca and affords splendid pasture for the herds of the Kara-Kirghiz.

Crested Dog's-tail Festuca duriuscula - Hard Fescue Festuca ovina - Sheep's Fescue .