Sentence Examples with the word fertilizer

Its commercial value for the manufacture of fertilizer was established in 1867, and the mining of it began soon afterwards in the Ashley River region.

The municipal garbage plant (destructor) collects and reduces to fertilizer 200 tons of garbage per day.

The city also manufactures cigars, cigarettes, snuff, a fertilizer having tobacco dust as the base, cotton goods, lumber, window sashes, blinds, drugs and hosiery.

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Compared with the commercial fertilizer which the farmer has to buy, cotton seed possesses, therefore, a distinct value.

Although good crops may follow the application of lime, the latter is not a direct fertilizer or manure and is no substitute for such.

Since Blith's time bone was the one new fertilizer that had come into use.

In the early 1800s, fertilizer companies sprang up using bone meal as the principle agent.

The manufacture of alcohol from the sulphite lyes of the wood-pulp industry was contemplated, but carbide, although produced in increasing quantities, was not considered as a possible raw material owing to its greater importance as a source of the fertilizer cyanamide.

The sale of the fertilizer more than pays for the cost of reduction, and the only expense the city has is in collecting it.

It has cotton and knitting mills, cotton-seed oil factories, machine shops, and wagon, stove, plough and fertilizer factories; and is a market and jobbing centre for a fertile agricultural region.