Sentence Examples with the word fertilized

With the photos in her hands, the fertilized eggs were a thing of the past.

Here the eggs are fertilized and here they segment so that the young embryos are formed within their mother's 9 body.

The egg consists of a fertilized ovum and a mass of yolk-cells.

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It may be regarded as derived from a wholly dependent sporogonium not unlike that of some of the simpler Bryophyta; the latter are assumed to have arisen from primitive Algal forms, in which, as the first step in the interpolation of the second generation in the life cycle, the fertilized ovum gave rise to a group of swarm spores, each of which developed into a new sexual plant.

They have two fertilized eggs and they want final consent.

Parthenogenesis, or the development of an embryo from an egg-cell without the latter having been fertilized has been described in species of Thalictrum, Antennaria and Alchemilla.

In Behar it has begun to replace indigo, and some success was achieved in Orissa, Assam and Madras; but jute is a very exhausting crop, and requires to be planted in lands fertilized with silt or else with manure.

After the egg-cells have been fertilized by the non-motile male cells they grow into tubular proembryos, producing terminal embryos.

The fertilized egg-cell (oospore) forms a filamentous structure, the proernbryo, from a restricted basal portion of which one or more embryos develop, one only as a rule reaching maturity.

The male possesses elaborate copulatory structures of a chitinous nature, and the eggs are fertilized in the female without even quitting the place where they are formed on the wall of the reticular gonocoel.