Sentence Examples with the word ferocious

The stories of his ferocious savagery exceed belief.

The Texans had a good excuse for shooting him, as he conducted war in a ferocious way.

The clock ticked thirty long seconds away and then the silence was ripped by a ferocious growl.

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He was shocked by the ferocious language of his party, and himself gave offence by his bitter jests (Plut.

In Italy, during the emperor's absence, his cause had been upheld by Enzio and by the ferocious Eccelino da Romano.

Later travellers repeat the stories, too well founded, of the ferocious hostility of the people; of whom we may instance Cesare Federici (1569), whose narrative is given in Ramusio, vol.

He had no doubt Eureka had eaten his piglet, but he realized that a kitten cannot be depended upon at all times to act properly, since its nature is to destroy small animals and even birds for food, and the tame cat that we keep in our houses today is descended from the wild cat of the jungle--a very ferocious creature, indeed.

This ferocious legislation was expressly and summarily abrogated in 1830.

With the ferocious fanaticism or the ruthless opportunism of the future organizers of the Terror they had nothing in common.

Later, mention is made of large and ferocious dogs which were employed to guard sheep and cattle, or to watch at the door of the house, or even to act as a companion, and G.