Sentence Examples with the word ferdinand de lesseps

In the course of a bloody insurrection in Catalonia, which ended in the bombardment of Barcelona, Ferdinand de Lesseps showed the most persistent bravery, rescuing from death, without distinction, the men belonging to the rival factions, and protecting and sending away not only the Frenchmen who were in danger, but foreigners of all nationalities.

In 1832 Ferdinand de Lesseps was appointed vice-consul at Alexandria.

Order to gain tim.e for reinforcements to arrive, sent Ferdinand de Lesseps to pretend to treat with Mazzini, the envoy himself not being a party to this deception.

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Barnett Smith, The Life and Enterprises of Ferdinand de Lesseps (London, 1893); and Souvenirs de quarante ans, by Ferdinand de Lesseps (trans.

On the western breakwater is a colossal statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps by E.

In 1833 Ferdinand de Lesseps was sent as consul to Cairo, and soon afterwards given the management of the consulategeneral at Alexandria, a post that he held until 1837.

From the middle of the 18th century the ancestors of Ferdinand de Lesseps followed the diplomatic career, and he himself occupied with real distinction several posts in the same calling from 1825 to 1849.

Here also stands the mansion erected and occupied by Ferdinand de Lesseps during his residence on the isthmus.

Public opinion, it may be declared, designated Ferdinand de Lesseps as the head of the enterprise.

The pasha was much under French influence, and in 1856 was induced to grant to Ferdinand de Lesseps a concession.