Sentence Examples with the word fencing

Had owned himself the vassal, of Edward I., there had been considerable fencing on both sides aS to the form of the oath, and, as neither sovereign at the moment had wished to push matters to a rupture, the words used had been intentionally vague, and both parties had kept their private interpretations to themselves.

Napoleon felt this, and from the time he took up the correct fencing attitude in Moscow and instead of his opponent's rapier saw a cudgel raised above his head, he did not cease to complain to Kutuzov and to the Emperor Alexander that the war was being carried on contrary to all the rules--as if there were any rules for killing people.

Railway-ties, posts, fencing and for construction.

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One day, in particular, an inoffensive, simple-minded pauper, whom with others I had often seen used as fencing stuff, standing or sitting on a bushel in the fields to keep cattle and himself from straying, visited me, and expressed a wish to live as I did.

Midwifery should be taught in the same course with fencing and boxing, riding and rowing.

On all sides they saw rain-soaked officers with dejected faces who seemed to be seeking something, and soldiers dragging doors, benches, and fencing from the village.

Between this fence and the outer fencing are the huts of the inhabitants.

In these schools the subjects of study included mathematics and natural sciences, geography and history, and modern languages (especially French), with riding, fencing and dancing; Latin assumed a subordinate place, and classical composition in prose or verse was not considered a sufficiently courtly accomplishment.

After some diplomatic fencing Russia and Prussia broke with England and entered upon what was, officially at least, a state of war with her.

Past the fencing was a sandy stretch where the landmines awaited those foolish enough to cross.