Sentence Examples with the word fen

It is peculiarly adapted for peaty soils, and is accordingly a favourite crop in the fen lands of England, and on recently reclaimed mosses and moors elsewhere.

RAMSEY, a market-town in the Northern or Ramsey parliamentary division of Huntingdonshire, England, on the south-western border of the Fen country, on branch lines of the Great Northern and the Great Eastern railways, 13 m.

The natural division into dunes, geest grounds, and clay and low fen holds for South as well as for North Holland.

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Low fen predominates to the east of the capital, between the Zuidlardermeer and the Schildmeer or lakes.

It is best adapted for application to clays and fen lands and should not be practised on shallow light sands or gravelly soils, since the humus so necessary for the fertility of such areas is reduced too much and the soil rendered too porous and liable to suffer from drought.

The work is conducted on a regular system of fen colonization, the first operation being directed towards the drainage of the country.

This is only varied by the strip of fertile clay and grass-land which is found along the banks of the rivers, and by the areas of high fen in the southeastern corner and on the western borders near Assen.

The western division consists of low fen or clay soil and presents a monotonous expanse of rich meadow-land, carefully drained in regular lines of canals bordered by stunted willows, and dotted over with windmills, the sails of canal craft and the clumps of elm and poplar which surround each isolated farm-house.

Peat-digging and fen reclamation have been carried on from an early period, and the area of high fen which formerly covered the portion of the province to the north of the Vecht in the neighbourhood xx.

It lies on a gentle eminence in the flat fen country, and the fine Perpendicular tower and spire of the church of St Mary are a landmark from far.