Sentence Examples with the word felted

The spores on germination make a white felted mat, more or less dense, of mycelium; this, when compacted with dry, half-decomposed dung, is the mushroom spawn of gardeners.

When the alga is predominant it forms felted patches on the bark of trees, the Laudatea form.

By means of a piece of stretched rubber tubing, this crucible is supported in the mouth of an ordinary funnel which is connected with an exhausting apparatus; and water holding in suspension fine scrapings of asbestos, purified by boiling with strong hydrochloric acid and washing with water, is run through it, so that the perforated bottom is covered with a layer of felted asbestos.

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In Clavularia and its allies each outgrowth contains several solenia, and the outgrowths may take the form of flat expansions, composed of a number of solenial tubes felted together to form a lamellar surface of attachment.

Thanks to the delay caused by this crossing of the wolf's path, the old dog with its felted hair hanging from its thigh was within five paces of it.

The process goes on until a relatively small quantity of water has by instalments dissolved and hydrated the 2CaSO 4 H 2 O, and has deposited CaSO 4.2H 2 O in felted crystals forming a solid mass well cemented together.