Sentence Examples with the word fellahin

The Cairenes, or native citizens, differ from the fellahin in having a much larger mixture of Arab blood, and are at once keener witted and more conservative than the peasantry.

The regeneration of the fellahin army dates from that epidemic.

In 1908 the Egyptian army, with a total establishment of 18,000, consisted of three squadrons of cavalry (one composed of Sudanese) each numbering 116 men; four batteries of field artillery and a Maxim battery, horses and mules being used, with a total strength of 1257 of all ranks; the camel corps, 626 of all ranks (fellahin and Sudanese); and nine fellahin and si-x Sudanese infantry battalions, 10,631 of all ranks.

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Though the crisis had results disastrous to the speculators, the position of the fellahin was hardly affected; the cotton crop was marketed with regularity and at an average price higher than that of 1906, while public revenue showed a satisfactory See Egypt No.

While an Egyptian battalion was attacking in line, it was halted to repel a rush from the rear, and front and rear ranks were simultaneously engaged, firing in opposite directionsyet the fellahin were absolutely steady; they shot well and showed no signs of trepidation.

The education of Egyptians in continental cities had not produced the class of leaders who led the fellahin to victory at Konia.

The fellahin furnish three squadrons, five batteries, three garrison artillery companies and nine battalions.

In January 1883, Major-General Sir Evelyn Wood, VC., was given 200,000, and directed to spend it in raising a fellahin force of 6ooo men for the defence of Egypt.

Such was the object of the canal then excavated, and it answered its purpose; but the sacrifice of life was enormous (fully 20,000 workmen perished), and the labor of the unhappy fellahin was forced.

The population is generally divisible into I The fellahin or peasantry and the native townsmen.