Sentence Examples with the word feline

The doors to the guest bedrooms and study were closed, but the door to the owner's suite was open wide enough for the feline to slip through.

He glanced around as she closed the door, and moved away from the car with feline grace.

He moved across the concrete with feline grace and propped himself against a pillar with one broad shoulder.

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Ubasti was one of many feline goddesses, figured with the head of a lioness.

The train crouched silent on the tracks in a feline pose, as if hovering over a kill.

His tall frame swayed across the room with feline grace.

Her character seems to have been essentially mild and playful, in contrast to Sokhmi and other feline goddesses.

In the great development of reverence for sacred animals which took place after the New Kingdom, the domestic cat was especially the animal of Bubastis, although it had also to serve for all the other feline goddesses, owing no doubt to the scarcity and intractability of its congeners.

Respected Jury and dearly beloved Ozma, I pray you not to judge this feline prisoner unfeelingly.

CAT,' properly the name of the well-known domesticated feline animal usually termed by naturalists Felis domestics, but in a wider sense employed to denote all the more typical members of the family Felidae.