Sentence Examples with the word feeder

The main stream of this last is called Dichu in Tibet, and its chief feeder is the Ya-lung-kiang, which rises not far from the Hwang-ho, and is considered the territorial boundary between China and Tibet.

The railway runs through the centre of the rice-producing area, and feeder roads open up the country as far as the Shan foot-hills.

The taper retards the motion of the water, which constantly decreases by overflow as it proceeds, whilst it continues to fill the feeder to the brim.

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The Knysna rises in the Uiteniquas hills and is of importance as a feeder of the lagoon or estuary of the same name, one of the few good harbours on the coast.

The embryo of Gnetum forms an out-growth from the hypocotyl, which serves as a feeder and draws nourishment from the prothallus.

This main northern feeder passes through the country of the Homr Arabs and Bahr-el-Homr may be adopted as its name.

He must have come from Winchester College in one of the earliest batches of scholars from that college, the sole feeder of New College, not from St John Baptist College, Winchester, as guessed by Dr William Hunt in the Dict.

They are connected by one line, and a feeder runs S.

Deep; it has a navigable feeder (30 ft.

The fibre is delivered by what is called the delivery cloth, and the batcher usually selects small streaks of about i 2 lb to 2 lb weight each and passes them on to the attendant or feeder of the softening machine.