Sentence Examples with the word feed

After impregnation, the male twists them round his legs and returns to his usual retreat, going about at night in order to feed himself and to keep up the moisture of the eggs, even resorting to a short immersion in the water during exceptionally dry nights.

Hfmself from the incubus of the French warthe source of most of the evils of the time, for it was the heavy taxation required to feed this struggle which embittered all the domestic politics of the realm.

Not to speak of insects which feed upon the pitcher itself, some drop their eggs into the putrescent mass, where their larvae find abundant nourishment, while birds often slit open the pitchers with their beaks and devour the maggots in their turn.

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In her eagerness to feed his desire to control, she had been willing to give up the independent spirit he found attractive.

It any state most plants feed greedily upon it, and when pure or free from decaying wood or sticks it is a very safe ingredient in composts; but it is so liable to generate fungus, and the mycelium or spawn of certain fungi is so injurious to the roots of trees, attacking them if at all sickly or weakened by drought, that many cultivators prefer not' to mix leaf-mould with the soil used for permanent plants, as peaches or choice ornamental trees.

Anarchy and state interference having combined to check the trade in necessaries, the government undertook to feed the people, and spent huge sums, especially on bread for the starving inhabitants of Paris.

They feed you quite decently here, continued Telyanin.

They feed on animals which likewise lead an arboreal life, rarely on eggs.

Large urban populations to feed and a lack of widespread land ownership compound the problems.

It was one thing to feed Kris and the Immortals here to the demons, another thing to give the demons a tool they could use to destroy all Immortals, if not humanity, too.