Sentence Examples with the word federate

There was also an early attempt to federate the South African colonies, and an act was passed for that purpose (South African Act 1877), but it expired on the 18th of August 1882, without having been brought into effect by the sovereign in council; in 1908, however, the Closer Union movement (see Sout13 Africa) ripened, and in 1909 a federating Act was successfully passed.

Weary of the condition of anarchy which existed in the republic, niany inhabitants of the Transvaal were ready to welcome its annexation to Great Britaina proposal favored by the colonial secretary, Lord Carnarvon, who wished to federate the South African states, after the manner in which the North American colonies had become by confederation the Dominion of Canada.

At the time of the first annexation of the Transvaal the Free State declined Lord Carnarvon's invitation to federate with the other South African communities.