Sentence Examples with the word federal courts

In some matters the jurisdiction of the Federal courts is exclusive; in others it is concurrent with that of the state courts.

It also supervises secondary and superior education, issues patents, and provides federal courts for the trial of cases amenable to federal laws.

This litigation filled the state and federal courts for many years.

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Thus the indirect taxes of customs and excise which the Federal government imposes are levied by Federal custom-house collectors and excisemen, and the judgments of Federal courts are carried out by United States marshals distributed over the country.

In the development of the law since that time the courts of one state are not bound either by law or by usage to follow the decisions either of the Federal courts or of the courts of any other state, any more than they would follow English courts, although such decisions are used and discussed as evidence of the common law, and great deference is always shown to the opinions expressed by the Federal courts.