Sentence Examples with the word fed up

I'm so fed up with people making fun of me because I'm different, she said, frowning.

Deidre shook her head and spun away, fed up with deities for the day.

I got fed up and walked.

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She rolled her eyes at him and marched into the shadow world, fed up with all the deities in her life.

She snatched one of the handguns out of the small arms chest and aimed it at his head, fed up with surprises.

Gabriel was fed up with everything.

The blocks are cut into thin sheets by means of a sharp knife, which is caused to move to and fro about two thousand times per minute, the knife being kept moistened with water, and the block fed up to it by mechanical means.

With some satisfaction, Rhyn wondered if another of Kris's men had gotten as fed up with Kris as he had.

She strode towards the door, fed up with the vamp toying with her.

I'm fed up with moody women today.