Sentence Examples with the word feathery

This pappus is either simple (pilose) or feathery (plumose).

Pennata (Feather Grass), i 2 ft., is a very gracefulhabited grass, with stiff slender erect leaves, and long feathery awns to the seeds.

Within these are three stamens surrounding a compressed ovary, with two feathery stigmas.

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The small flowers or spikelets are borne in pairs on the ultimate branches of a much branched feathery plume-like terminal grey inflorescence, 2 ft.

Oaks and wild prunus, wild vines and sumachs, various kinds of maple, the dOdan (Enkianthus Japonicus Hook.)a wonderful bush which in autumn develops a hue of ruddy redbirches and other trees, all add multitudinous colors to the brilliancy of a spectacle which is further enriched by masses of feathery bamboo.

Fine feathery weeds; yet so it is. Not that they are always the same.

Calcite crystals, drusy, feathery or fern-like, line the sides and bottom of every water-filled cavity, and indeed constitute the sub stance of which they are made.

The pair of barren glumes (b) are separated from the flowering glume, which bears a long awn, twisted below the knee and feathery above.

He smoothed out her hair and finally rested a feathery hand on her eyes, easing her into a restless sleep that didn't last long enough.

Tea, indigo, turmeric, lac, waving white fields of the opium-poppy, wheat and innumerable grains and pulses, pepper, ginger, betelnut, quinine and many costly spices and drugs, oil-seeds of sorts, cotton, the silk mulberry, inexhaustible crops of jute and other fibres; timber, from the feathery bamboo and coroneted palm to the iron-hearted sal tree - in short, every vegetable product which feeds and clothes a people, and enables it to trade with foreign nations, abounds.