Sentence Examples with the word feathered

BIRD, the common English name for feathered vertebrates, members of the class A y es.

C, Feathered hairs with pollen d, Fore-leg of Apis showing grains, magnified.

For other feathered head-dresses in western Asia, see Muller, 361 sqq.

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When feathered or provided with secondary barbs the setae will respond to movements or vibrations in the surrounding water, and have been supposed to have an auditory function.

White and black feathered arrows suddenly poured from the surrounding forest.

Alone were the Creator, the Former, the Ruler, the Feathered Serpent, they who give being and whose name is Gucumatz.

Among the wild animals found in the mountains are elephant, rhinoceros, bison and various kinds of feathered game.

In 1748 a Protestant Episcopal Church was organized, and before and during the War of Independence its members belonged to the Loyalist party; their rector, Rev. James Nichols, was tarred and feathered by the Whigs, and Moses Dunbar, a member of the church, was hanged for treason by the Connecticut authorities.

The feathered tribes are everywhere abundant in the fields, woods and marshes.

Between 70 and 80 species have already been described, many of them the most gorgeously adorned, and others, such as the Pteridophora albertisi, the most wonderful of feathered creatures.