Sentence Examples with the word fayetteville

The opportunity to explore the building presented itself several days latter when Sarah was making a shopping list in preparation for her trip to Fayetteville and asked Lisa if she wanted to go along.

She explained why she was in Fayetteville and mentioned that Keaton had braved the storm to be with her.

When the commuter plane touched down at NXA airport, Megan called for the shuttle van to her hotel in Fayetteville and decided to wait outside.

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Now it would be a trip to Fayetteville so the rental agency could verify the cause of damage - and then a call to her auto insurance company.

In 1900 a dozen other towns had a population exceeding 2500, the most important being Hot Springs (9973), Helena (5550), Texarkana (4914), Jonesboro (4508), Fayetteville (4061), Eureka Springs (3572), Mena (3423) and Paragould (3324).

The general assembly of the state met at Fayetteville in 1787, 1788 and 1789 (Newbern, Tarboro, Hillsboro and Fayetteville all being rivals at this time for the honour of becoming the permanent capital); and in 1789 the Federal constitution was here ratified for North Carolina.

Surely it couldn't be coincidence that he had been traveling to Fayetteville from California and then turned up out here in the boonies.

There is a large vineyard in the vicinity; truckgardening is an important industry in the surrounding country; and Fayetteville is a shipping centre for small fruits and vegetables, especially lettuce, melons and berries.

It would take her as long to drive to Fayetteville as it would for him to fly there from Tulsa.

Several creeks and the upper Cape Fear river furnish considerable waterpower, and in or near Fayetteville are manufactories of cotton goods, silk, lumber, wooden-ware, turpentine, carriages, wagons, ploughs, edge tools and flour.