Sentence Examples with the word favour

At last a compromise was arrived at and the grand duke was requested to abdicate in favour of his son, grant a constitution, and take part in the war against Austria.

A series of resolutions in favour of the extinction of slavery in the British colonies.

There is excellent bathing, and Brixham is in favour as a seaside resort.

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The attempt to secure these thrones for the Hohenzollerns through this marriage failed, and a similar fate befell Albert's efforts to revive in his own favour the disused title of duke of Franconia.

In 1892, on the accession of the khedive Abbas II., Turkey resumed possession of Akaba, the Egyptian pilgrims having deserted the land route to Mecca in favour of a sea passage.

On the other hand, he published a treatise in 1838 against mixed marriages, and in 1843 wrote strongly in favour of requiring Protestant soldiers to kneel at the consecration of the Host when compelled officially to be present at Mass.

The curriculum is classical and philological, but in the two upper classes there is a bifurcation in favour of scientific subjects for those who wish.

As no practical process of telephone relaying has been devised, it is extremely important that the character of the line should be such as to favour the preservation of the strength and form of the telephone current.

He was crowned in the Sistine Chapel 3rd March 1878, and at once began a reform of the papal household on austere and economic lines which found little favour with the entourage of the former pope.

The period of Jeffrey's editorship extended to about twenty-six years, ceasing with the ninetyeighth number, published in June 1829, when he resigned in favour of Macvey Napier.