Sentence Examples with the word favored

In October 1901 a treaty fixing a tariff and reserving the most favored nation treatment for the countries already enjoying it was concluded between Persia and Russia.

Maybe his father favored boys.

It was in the third century that the cult of Mithras, with its mysteries and a theology evolved from Zoroastrianism, attained the widest diffusion in all Latin-speaking provinces of the Roman dominion; and it even seemed for a while as though the Sot invictus Mithras, highly favored by the Caesars, would become the official deity-in-chief of the empire.

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If Japan was eminently fortunate in the men who directed her political career at that time, she was equally favored in those that presided over her literary culture.

Felipa favored her with a bright smile.

Of the old deities Ammon represented by far the wealthiest and most powerful interests, and against this long favored deity the Pharaoh hurled himself with fury.

Mom always favored Alex.

Vergennes completed his work by signing a commercial treaty in 1786 with England, whose commerce and industry were favored above others, and a second in 1787 with Russia.

Like him he had little inclination to the orthodox church, and favored Mazdak, the founder of a communistic sect which had made headway among the people and might be used as a weapon against the nobles, of whom Mazdak demanded that they should cut down their luxury and distribute their superfluous wealth.

The region east of the Mississippi is singularly favored in this way; for it receives a good amount of rainfall, well distribu ted through the year, and indeed is in this respect one of the largest regions in the temperate zones that are so well watered.