Sentence Examples with the word favorable

The countess had written direct to Julie's mother in Moscow suggesting a marriage between their children and had received a favorable answer from her.

In Italy public opinion as a whole was favorable to the visit, especially as it was not considered an obstacle to the projected increase of the army and navy.

Are so directly favorable to the exhibition of the phenomenon.

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At Berlin powerful influences, notably that of Herr von Holsteinthat mysterious omnipotence behind the throne were working for this end; the crippling of Russia seemed too favorable an opportunity to be neglected for crushing the menace cf French armaments.

Partly to satisfy public opinion, partly in order to profit by the favorable disposition of the British government, and partly in the hope of remedying the error committed in 1882 by refusal to co-operate with Great Britain in Egypt, the Italian government in January 1885 despatched an expedition under Admiral Caimi and Colonel Saletta to occupy Massawa and Beilul.

But he never understood that power only attends sympathetic leadership. He contented himself with putting himself technically in the right, and with resting his case on the favorable decisions of the judges.

The bombardment of the forts of Alexandria is interesting as a gauge of the effect to be expected from the fire of ships under specially favorable conditions.

Edgehill was a drawn battle (1642), and the campaign of 1643, though it was on the whole favorable to the king, gave no decisive results.

Those responsible for this arrangementthe most favorable for Egypt that Great Britain could securefailed to recognize the complete change likely to result from the British occupation of Egypt, and probably regarded that occupation as temporary.

But the elections having been favorable to royalty, the Beaujeu family made the states reject the regency desired by the duke of Orleans, and organize the kings council after their own views.