Sentence Examples with the word fatigued

She remained where she was, his simple touch enough to revive her fatigued body.

She was mentally tough but fatigued by the events that occurred since they inadvertently met on a night similar to this one.

After reading the Nouvelle-Hloise, Clarissa and Sir Charles Gran-dison, fatigued and wearied society revived as though beneath the fresh breezes of dawn.

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Newton received this problem about 5 o'clock in the afternoon as he was returning from the mint, but, though he was fatigued with business, he solved the problem the same evening.

Of Germany in Alsace, Valens attacked the enemy at once, although his troops had to go into action heated and fatigued by a long march on a sultry August day.

The behaviour of the majority of the troops had been beyond all praise, but all were now worn-out, physically fatigued by the long trial of the retreat and suffering from the great moral depression caused by unexpected defeat and retirement from the lines they had held so long.

As a result the fatigued cells appear shrunken, and their reaction to staining reagents alters, thus showing chemical alteration.

Her fatigued body ached while her tired mind struggled to keep her thoughts clear of emotion.

A guard's exclamation drew her fatigued gaze from its place resting on the ground.

She was hungry and fatigued but too scared to sleep.