Sentence Examples with the word fathom

I know we'll probably never learn the answer, but I still can't fathom what could have happened back in Boston to make Annie Quincy desert a comfortable life.

I cannot fathom or define their meaning any more than I can fathom or define love or religion or goodness.

Jenn studied him, unable to fathom the type of evil he'd endured.

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Deidre wasn't vindictive, but she still didn't fathom the amount of evil in one's heart it took to kill them slowly while smiling and saying they'd get better.

Rather, she couldn't fathom how something so medieval could have been directed at her.

Kiera stared, unable to fathom she'd been ejected into the middle of space to die.

Deidre closed her eyes, unable to fathom some stupid demon had hurt her.

Refreshed the next morning, she still couldn't fathom the statement.

For now, he couldn't fathom an existence in a home filled with a family when he'd lost his other half.

She winced, unable to fathom what kind of penalty she'd face tonight.