Sentence Examples with the word father-in-law

Daughter and heiress of Conrad, burgrave of Nuremberg, and about 1192 he succeeded his father-in-law as burgrave, obtaining also some lands in Austria and Franconia.

When I heard he was your father, I was so excited that I finally had a father-in-law that I could talk to.

It's so nice to know that I actually have a father-in-law to talk to.

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Although defeated near Frankfort in August 1246 by the anti-king, Henry Raspe, landgrave of Thuringia, he obtained help from the towns and from his father-in-law Otto II., duke of Bavaria, and drove Henry Raspe to Thuringia.

On the death of Ahmads father-in-law in the same year, when Egypt was given in fief to the caliphs brother Mowaffaq (famous for his defeat of the Zanj), Ahmad secured himself in his post by extensive bribery at headquarters; and in the following year the administration of the Syri,an frontier was conferred on him as well.

He apparently tried to conciliate his father-in-law in the hope of bringing him into the League of Augsburg.

Her mother and father-in-law sat in front of the crushed structure, hunched over while their sobs reaching her ears.

One fragmentary source alludes to a journey to the Midianite or Kenite father-in-law of Moses with the Ark (q.v.); another knows of its movements with David and the priest Abiathar (a name closely related to Jether or Jethro; cf.

The utmost the king could do was to garrison Smolensk and other fortresses and employ his wife Helena, the tsar's daughter, to mediate a truce between his father-in-law and himself.

Roper afterwards congratulated his father-in-law on the distinguished honour which had been shown him.