Sentence Examples with the word fateful

During the period when-his influence was supreme, the fateful years, that is, between the Moscow campaign and the close of the congress of Aix-laChapelle, it had been used largely in the interests of moderation and liberty.

At theeginning of the fateful year 1666 Sabbatai went (or was sdmmoned) to Constantinople.

The last quarter of the 19th century proved, however, a fateful period for British agriculture.

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Plain to Seleucia; but before long the central authority was transferred to the other side of Mesopotamia, Antioch or elsewhere - a fateful move.

The most fateful arrangements were naturally those that affected the two leading powers, Austria and Prussia.

With nothing left to occupy him, he strode to the familiar room where they.d shared the fateful night weeks before.

Mohacs is famous in the history of Hungary by the two fateful battles which took place in the plain situated about 3 m.

In Germany the settlement was even more fateful for Austria's future.

In conjunction with the Minorites and the Ghibellines of Italy, Marsilius succeeded in enticing Louis to the fateful expedition to Rome and the revolutionary actions of 1328.

In September 951, accordingly, he appeared in Italy, Adelaide willingly accepted his invitation to meet him at Pavia and at the close of the year the fateful union was celebrated.