Sentence Examples with the word fated

While now the fated Pequod had been so long afloat this voyage, the log and line had but very seldom been in use.

Of Heristal, who founded a Carolingian empire fated to be as ephemeral as that of the Merovingians.

Gregory XI., though equally distinguished for his erudition and pure morals, his piety, modesty and wisdom, was fated to Gregory Xl., pay dearly for the weakness of his predecessor in 1370-1378.

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On the eve of a day when God alone knows who of us is fated to survive, I am glad of this opportunity to tell you that I regret the misunderstandings that occurred between us and should wish you not to have any ill feeling for me.

Her death would save both her people and Taran, the man fated to rule Tiyan.

They were, however, fated to fall far short of such a consummation; and at all times orthodox Brahmanism has had to wink at, or ignore, all manner of gross superstitions and repulsive practices, along with the popular worship of countless hosts of godlings, demons, spirits and ghosts, and mystic objects and symbols of every description.

His work being done, his fated task, and Alaric having penetrated to the city, nothing remained for him but to die.

It was time for a new departure, but there seemed to be no sufficient strength left within the charmed circle of the orthodox schools, and the new movement was fated to come from the masses, whose voice had hitherto been silent in the art world.

This, however, was not fated to last long, for in October 1866 a..

You said once we were fated to be lovers.