Sentence Examples with the word fastened

The cylinder is first dressed with a fine and thin calico drawn tightly over and fastened securely, which serves as a base on which to fasten sheets.

These blocks were fastened to a diaphragm of wood.

The bows differ altogether with each group, but the same two kinds of arrows are in general use: (1) long and ordinary for fishing and other purposes; (2) short with a detachable head fastened to the shaft by a thong, which quickly brings pigs up short when shot in the thick jungle.

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The sistrum consists of a metal frame in the shape of an egg, fastened to a handle, frequently surmounted by a grotesque head or by a figure of the sacred lioness Sekhet.

One morning she was greatly distressed by finding that one of the dogs had a block fastened to her collar.

Then the badger's tail is split, a chain put through it, and fastened to the stake with such ability that the badger can come up to the other end of the place.

Tice occurrence of such lateral movement was at once indicated by means of an upright haystalk fastened to the apparatus.

This was no easy task, because half of each one of the hinges of the wings was missing, it being still fastened to the body of the Gargoyle who had used it.

The linen dresses of women are fastened by a long sash or girdle, wound many times round the waist; the holiday attire being a white gown covered with embroideries, one or more brightly coloured aprons and necklaces of beads or coins.

The characteristic skirt is sometimes supplemented by a coarse cloth, perhaps a fleece, thrown over the J, shoulders; and in later times it is seen fastened outside a tunic by means of a girdle (see fig.