Sentence Examples with the word fast food

There are a zillion fast food restaurants around here.

The sea shore is too far to the east so I fear she'll be remanded to a roadside bier of Kudzu and discarded fast food wrappers.

I rode shotgun in an ancient Ford with a flag of Nigeria painted on the dashboard while Howie hung over the seat amid a month's supply of fast food wrappers and not a few empty beer cans.

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Hamburgers, hot dogs, onion rings, French fries - you know, the usual fast food stuff.

She sat in the general manager's office of the fast food joint where she'd worked for six months.

In route, he pulled into a fast food drive-through and ordered two hamburger meals.

She pushed fast food trash from the passenger seat.

Second, find out when the general manager of the fast food joint where she worked was returning from maternity leave.

We stopped briefly for a fast food lunch.

And, of course, American fast food is the food the world loves to say it hates.