Sentence Examples with the word fashioned

The check was written with an old fashioned fountain pen.

The latterfor which the generic term in Japan is mushi or kaichinclude some beautiful species, from the jewel beetle (tama-mushi), the gold beetle (kogane-mushi) and the Chrysochroa fulgidissima, which glow and sparkle with the brilliancy of gold and precious stones, to the jet black Melanauster chinensis, which- seems to have been fashioned out of lacquer spotted with white.

Like most old fashioned pulpits, it was a very lofty one, and since a regular stairs to such a height would, by its long angle with the floor, seriously contract the already small area of the chapel, the architect, it seemed, had acted upon the hint of Father Mapple, and finished the pulpit without a stairs, substituting a perpendicular side ladder, like those used in mounting a ship from a boat at sea.

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A band tooted practice blasts, someone was yelling directions through an old fashioned megaphone, which were ignored, and Suzanne, whose nightly music show serenaded the tourists, warmed up the Star Spangled Banner in a voice that needed no mike.

Their clothing was old fashioned and there was a kerosene lamp on a table.

This serves to distinguish flints which have been fashioned by human agencies from those which have been split merely by the action of frost and the weather.

We've been stalking guys like him with some success for years, the old fashioned way.

Flint chips, which appear to have been fashioned by hand, are said to have been found in the Miocene beds, but to prove the existence of man at so early a period would require stronger evidence than has yet been brought forward.

Their implements are very primitive, consisting of a plough fashioned from a fork of a tree, and a rude harrow.

Merodach here takes the place of Ea, who appears as the creator in the older legends, and is said to have fashioned man out of the clay.