Sentence Examples with the word fashionable

Carlyle spent some time with the elder Bullers, but found a life of dependence upon fashionable people humiliating and unsatisfactory.

That the first great exodus of the wealthy and fashionable was made to the West End.

These foreigners introduced new life into politics and the press, and made it fashionable for educated Maltese to delude themselves with the idea that the Maltese were Italians, because a few of them could speak the language of the peninsula.

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He was not careful to exclude the commonplaces of the school, nor anxious to finish a work of art wholly free from fashionable graces and from contemporary conceits.

At first they wrote in Greek, partly because a national style was not yet formed, and partly because Greek was the fashionable language amongst the educated, although Latin versions were probably published as well.

In England table-turning became a fashionable diversion and was practised all over the country in the year 1853.

The streets enclosing the Binnen Alster are fashionable promenades, and leading directly from this quarter are the main business thoroughfares, the Neuer-Wall, the Grosse Bleichen and the Hermannstrasse.

The finest skins when dyed black are used very largely in America in place of the dyed black fox so fashionable for mourning wear in Great Britain and France.

A building called the Rotunda was erected for concerts, and the gardens quickly became a favourite resort of fashionable society.

Aiken is a fashionable winter resort, chiefly frequented by Northerners, and is pleasantly situated about Soo ft.