Sentence Examples with the word fashion

The rivalry between them was purely personal; both were prepared to go on with the Lancastrian experiment, the attethpt to govern the realm in a constitutional fashion by an alliance between the king and the parliament; both were eager persecutors of the Lollards; both were eager to make profit for England by interfering in the civil wars of the Orleanists and Burgundians which were now devastating France.

That the propositions are hypothetical in this fashion does not imply any distinction between the abstract truth of the ideal judgments and the im p erfect correspondence of concrete material with these abstract relations.

The fashion could hardly have taken root except in a land where the tradition had gone before it.

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He accordingly commissioned Hephaestus to fashion a woman out of earth, upon whom the gods bestowed their choicest gifts.

Very generally the tail has distinctly the appearance of an appendage, but in some of the lower mammals, such as the thylacine among marsupials, and the aard-vark or ant-bear among the edentates, it is much thickened at the root, and passes insensibly into the body, after the fashion common among reptiles.

Such spirals were used in early Athens to confine the back hair, and this fashion may therefore be identified as the Kpc f3vXos.

Handel was appreciated in Dublin at a time when it was still the fashion to decry him in London.

French documents are unknown till the days of French fashion had come in, that is, till deep in the 13th century.

At first it was collected in a rough-and-ready fashion by a swarm of Tatar tax-gatherers, but about 125 9 it was regulated by a census of the population, and, finally, the collection of it was entrusted to the native princes, so that the people were no longer brought into direct contact with the Tatar officials.

Credo, quia absurdum was applied, notably by the popular writers of the French Second Empire, in a fashion grotesquely literal enough to scandalize Tertullian himself.