Sentence Examples with the word fascination

The fascination of pure study was so powerful, the Italians at that epoch were so eager to recover the past, that during the 15th century we have before our eyes the spectacle of this great nation deviating from the course of development begun in poetry by Dante and Petrarch, in prose by Boccaccio ism to and Villani, into the channels of scholarship and anti- - quarian research.

Duty replaced his fascination with the mortal world.

He felt the fascination and delight of frenzy.

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That he was the most attractive figure of a man of letters in his generation is admitted; and the acknowledged fascination of his character was deepened, and was extended over an extremely wide circle of readers, by the publication in 1899 of his Letters, which have subdued even those who were rebellious to the entertainment of his books.

Cryptography had a great fascination for Wheatstone; he studied it deeply at one time, and deciphered many of the MSS.

If he had had all his own originality without the itch of appearing original, he would have made his fascination irresistible.

It is one of the strongest instances furnished by history of the fascination exercised by an idea that the Italians themselves should have grown to glory in this dependence of their nation upon Caesars who had nothing but a name in common with the Roman Imperator of the past.

Deidre watched the movie in both fascination and fear.

The fascination which hangs around the latter has well-nigh obscured the former.

Some medical lectures he did attend, but as long as Frau Neuber's company kept together the theatre had an irresistible fascination for him.