Sentence Examples with the word farthest

Each mesentery has a filament; but two of them, namely, the pair farthest from the sulcus, are longer than the rest, and have a different form of filament.

But although these sometimes wander to distances considerably beyond the orbit of Neptune, it is probable that the extent of the void which separates our system from the nearest star is hundreds of times the distance of the farthest point to which a comet ever recedes.

To obviate the unsteadiness of motion which this tends to cause, the shafts are provided with a second set of cranks at right angles to the first, connected by means of a similar coupling-rod, so that one set of cranks pass their dead points at the instant when the other set are farthest from theirs.

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The Four Masters says that the lowing of a cow or the voice of a ploughman could scarcely be heard from Cashel to the farthest point of Kerry; Ormonde, who, with all his severity, was honourably distinguished by good faith, claimed to have killed 5000 men in a few months.

Our infantry were stationed there, and at the farthest point the dragoons.

Unfortunately far, in the farthest of the Five Galaxies.

Upon the tract farthest up-stream the town of Port Lawrence was laid out.

Bohemia has the form of an irregular rhomb, of which the northernmost place, Buchberg, just above Hainspach, is at the same time the farthest north in the whole AustroHungarian monarchy.

She waited until she was certain he was distracted before she crept across the apartment, keeping as close to the wall farthest from him as possible.

In the ancient astronomy the anomaly was taken as the angular distance of the planet from the point of the farthest recession from the earth.