Sentence Examples with the word farming

In the peripheral ring farming increases, especially dairying; and manufacturing industries connected with the products of forests, farms and mines are developed.

Manual labour in farming operations began to be superseded by the use of drills, hay-makers and horse-rakes, chaff-cutters and root-pulpers.

Above sea-level, and numerous good, hard gravel roads radiate from it in all directions through the surrounding country, a fertile farming region which abounds in limestone, used in the construction of public and private buildings.

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The city is situated in a rich farming region; is an important shipping point for livestock, grain and other farm products; and is especially known as a centre for the manufacture of wire-fences.

Douglass, Ostrich Farming in South Africa (London, 1881); modern anatomical work on the group is referred to in the article BIRDS.

Albion is the centre of the Medina sandstone industry, and lies in the midst of a good farming region, of which it is the principal shipping point, especially for apples, cabbages and beans.

The surrounding country is a fine farming region, which also abounds in coal, fire-clay and building stone.

In the Catskills and in the farming regions the lumber product consists largely of hardwoods (mostly oak, chestnut and hickory), smaller amounts of hemlock and pine, and a very little spruce.

In 1890 the total acreage devoted to farming was 11,396,460, which in 1900 had increased to 19,070,616.

Nevertheless the struggle turned gradually to the advantage of the laborer, and ended in the creation of the sturdy and prosperous farming yeomanry who were the strength of the realm for several centuries to come.