Sentence Examples with the word farmhouse

At every farmhouse and every village he repeated his call.

He was at last captured at a farmhouse near -Arguillos in the province of Jaen.

He did not find his hounds that night, but the next day learned that they had crossed the river and put up at a farmhouse for the night, whence, having been well fed, they took their departure early in the morning.

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On the right bank they are of pliocene gravel, on the left of tufa; and on the latter, on a cliff above the river (the ancient Puilia saxa) stood Ficana (marked by the farmhouse of Dragoncello), which is said to have owed its origin to Ancus Martius.

The next step was renovating the old farmhouse for visitors.

The site is undoubtedly to be sought on the hill now occupied by the large medieval fortified farmhouse of Lunghezza, immediately to the south of the Anio, which occupies the site of the citadel joined by a narrow neck to the tableland to the south-east on which the city stood: this is protected by wide valleys on each side, and is isolated at the south-east end by a deep narrow valley enlarged by cutting.

When he finishes clean-up in Ohio, he's been instructed to count the stalks of wheat in the field outside Speck's farmhouse and not return until he's done, Dusty growled.

The warm farmhouse smelled of gun oil and breakfast.

Still, in addition to family ties, the Reynolds farmhouse was centrally located and large enough to accommodate all the guests.

Late one evening he came to a little farmhouse in a lonely valley.