Sentence Examples with the word far

It was a good, perfect little life, so much more than she ever expected, with the exception that her best friend in the universe-- Kiera-- might as well have been dead to her as far as Romas and his clan were concerned.

It is quite certain that steam launches could ply over very long sections of the river above that, perhaps as far as the Kaw ferry, or even the Kunlong ferry.

As far as possible Cetywayo he revived the military methods of his uncle Chaka, king, and even succeeded in equipping his regiments with firearms. It is believed that he instigated the Kaffirs in the Transkei to revolt, and he aided Sikukuni in his struggle with the Transvaal.

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It was Williams merit that, fond as he was of power, he recognized the fact that he could not rule except so far as he carried the goodwill of the nation with him.

Byrne's description was far too common to stand out but no one recalled a man hurriedly leaving the city in the middle of the night, Tuesday-Wednesday.

Her visions continued, and, by command of her ecclesiastical superiors, she wrote her autobiography containing a full account of these experiences, though she was far from basing any claim to holiness upon them.

He was handsome, though she wouldn't go so far as to call him gorgeous.

The unlookedfor discovery in France of remains which he has referred to, forms now existing it is true, but existing only in countries far removed from Europe, forms such as Collocalia, Leptosomus, Psittacus, Serpentarius and Trogon, is perhaps even more suggestive than the finding that France was once inhabited by forms that are wholly extinct, of which in the older formations there is abundance.

In erudition, literary power, and force and versatility of intellect he far surpassed ev2ry contemporary.

Indeed, it may be confidently affirmed that those who desire to gain an insight into the true principles and feelings of the men who made and wrote history in the 16th century will find it here far more than in the work designed for publication by the writer.