Sentence Examples with the word fanned

This discontent was skilfully fanned by Mithradates the Great at the outset of his Roman campaigns.

The others fanned out, and she suddenly felt like a lamb surrounded by a wolf pack trying to decide what to do with her.

Under his nominal rule, the Celts of the north and west, in 1385, became troublesome, while Robert's son, the Wolf of Badenoch, who was justiciary, with his own wild sons, rather fanned than extinguished the flames.

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The assistant squatted over her mid-section and fanned out her hair, positioning and repositioning it around her head.

She wore jeans and a T-shirt, and her blonde hair fanned out over a pillow.

A dark shape moved from the rocks while three more fanned out from the sides.

In 1561, however, the enmity against him was fanned into flame by his adoption of Protestantism.

Cassie removed her hat and fanned her face.

The publication of this brief caused much excitement throughout the country, which was fanned by a letter from the prime minister to the bishop of Durham, condemning the brief as insolent and insidious and inconsisten:t with the queens supremacy, with the rights of our bishops and clergy, and with the spiritual independence of the nation.

She fanned the air with her hand.