Sentence Examples with the word famine

Contact with the natives during the famine caused Lavigerie to entertain exaggerated hopes for their general conversion, and his enthusiasm was such that he offered to resign his archbishopric in order to devote himself entirely to the missions.

Sometimes the rains fail altogether, and then a drought (secca) ensues, causing famine and pestilence throughout the entire region.

During the decade 1891-1901 the Central Provinces suffered from famine more severely than any other part of India.

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There is the Famine steppe (Bekpak-dala), while in the Ak-kum steppe, which surrounds Lake Karakul, large areas consist of nothing but sands, partly shifting.

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In 1900 over one million tons of rice were shipped to India during the famine there.

For the minister thought it necessary, while providing against famine by repealing the corn laws, to ensure the preservation of order by a new coercion bill.

In the two years 1899 and 1900 the monsoon was very weak, the result being a severe famine which caused great mortality among the Bhil population.

It is conjectured that the wheat plant, as now known, is a degenerate form of something much finer which flourished thousands of years ago, and that possibly it may be restored to its pristine excellence, yielding an increase twice or thrice as large as it now does, thus postponing to a distant period the famine doom prophesied by Sir W.

The potato, which was the sole food of at least half the people of an overcrowded island, failed, and a famine of unprecedented proportions was obviously imminent.