Sentence Examples with the word family

Henry's son was John, king of Bohemia, who fell on the field of Crecy, and John's eldest son was the emperor Charles IV., while another famous member of the family was Baldwin, archbishop of Treves (1285-1354), who took an active part in imperial affairs.

Instead of opposing Francesco Sforza in Milan, he lent him his prestige and influence, foreseeing that the dynastic future of his own family and the pacification of Italy might be secured by a balance of power in which Florence should rank on equal terms with Milan and Naples.

This family is limited to the species, widely distributed, of the single genus Lynceus, established by O.

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In 1906 Wentworth Blackett Beaumont (1829-1907), the head of a family well known in the north of England, was created Baron Allendale.

Of Trapani, is now reckoned as a part of the group. They belonged to the Pallavicini family of Genoa until 1874, when they were bought by Signor Florio of Palermo.

Other early writers, however, do not observe these distinctions, and neither in language nor in custom do we find evidence of any appreciable differences between the two former groups, though in custom Kent presents most remarkable contrasts with the other kingdoms. Still more curious is the fact that West Saxon writers regularly speak of their own nation as a part of the Angelcyn and of their language as Englisc, while the West Saxon royal family claimed to be of the same stock as that of Bernicia.

His father was a small landowner and attorney at Pensford, near the northern boundary of the county, to which neighbourhood the family had migrated from Dorsetshire early in that century.

In the convention he opposed the nomination of Mr Blaine, and in a speech which attracted considerable Claas Martenszen van Roosevelt (or Rosenvelt) settled in New Amsterdam in 1649; his son Claas (or Nicholas) in 1700 - I was a New York alderman of the Leislerian party; in the next three generations, Johannes, Cornelius and Jacobus (James) were merchants and (in 1748-67,1785-1801and 1797-99 and 1809, respectively) aldermen of New York; in the third generation the family became allied with the Schuylers.

His father having lost his fortune and sold the family estate, Thomas May, who was hampered by an impediment in his speech, made literature his profession.

FRANCESCO BIANCHINI (1662-1729), Italian astronomer and antiquary, was born of a noble family at Verona on the 13th of December 1662.