Sentence Examples with the word famed

But that darkness was licked up by the fierce flames, which at intervals forked forth from the sooty flues, and illuminated every lofty rope in the rigging, as with the famed Greek fire.

The principal cities are Hang-chow, which is famed for the beauty of its surroundings, Ning-po, which has been frequented by foreign ships ever since the Portuguese visited it in the 16th century, and Wenchow.

Neoptolemus was famed for his beauty, eloquence and bravery.

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The neighbouring Pegwell Bay, famed for its shrimps, is supposed to have been the scene of the landing of Hengist and Horsa, and at Cliff's End (Ebbs Fleet) a monolithic cross marks the landing-place of St Augustine in 596.

The substratum of the island is Kimeridge Clay, above which rests beds of sand and strata of Oolitic limestone, widely famed as a building stone.

His distant kinsman Marsiglietto da Carrara succeeded to him, but was immediately assassinated by Jacopo da Carrara, a prince famed as the friend of Petrarch.

Among the industries are manufactures of cotton, lace and embroidered muslins, and carriage-building, and there are also large market gardens, the district being famed especially for its apples, and some dairy-farming; but the prosperity of the town depends chiefly upon the coal and ironstone of the surrounding country, which is the richest mineral field in Scotland.

The aromatic gums for which Arabia was famed in ancient times are still produced, though the trade is a very small one.

The district is famed for its stock, and the fine quality of its grain; also for the character of the English grasses laid down there, which flourish in a rich black loam on a limestone formation.

Liege is specially famed for the technical schools attached to it.